Special Eats was established in 2022 to serve delicious grilled cheese sandwiches from our mobile food truck. Since the beginning, our mission has been to employ individuals with special needs.

Currently, we employ 31 people who help us with everything from shopping and food prep to inventory management and merchandise design. Our employees also create our to-go bags, sell our merchandise, and greet every customer with a smile.

Our company was founded by Tamara Varga and William Harman, both of whom have children with special needs. Their goal was to create a company where their children would be proud to work.

Our Teams

Food Truck Team

This team helps with food prep, shopping, and inventory, while also serving as our sous chefs. Additionally, the food truck team is responsible for designing, drawing, and coloring our to-go bags.

Custodial Team

Our custodial team cleans the food truck, commissary, and the inside and outside of our office building.

Merchandise Team

The merchandise team helps make our merchandise, including t-shirts, earrings, bracelets, keychains, necklaces, specialty gift baskets, and bags. They also take care of inventorying and shopping for our merchandise.

16-Year-Old Team

This team consists of 16-year-olds working their first jobs. Special Eats provides on-the-job training to help these teens learn the necessary job skills to succeed in future careers.


You are the folks who came to our aide with incredibly generous help and  a tremendous outpouring of kindness, getting us back on the road when our truck was vandalized. You are the police officers, firefighters, nurses, tatoo artists, cowboys, and ordinary folk who have made us one of your own. You are the schools, the businesses, the churches, the cities, bars, and reataurants who welcome us with open arms. You support us through our awesome grilled cheese and merchandise sales, and you even put us in your rap music videos. You are one of the most important members of our team and we are so proud to serve you.